UC Davis Computational Linguistics Lab

Department of Linguistics

We are an academic lab in the UC Davis department of Linguistics focusing on research and education in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. We collaborate closely with faculty and students in departments with allied interests.



Affiliated Faculty

  • Premkumar Devanbu (Computer Science)
  • Vladimir Filkov (Computer Science)



  • Ying (Zoey) Liu
  • Alan Wong


  • Samuel Davidson
  • Lauren Namdar
  • Richard Kim


  • Kenji Sagae is general chair of IWPT 2017, the 15th International Conference on Parsing Technologies. The conference will be held in Pisa in September 2017.

Events and Activities


  • LIN 127 Text processing and corpus linguistics: Winter 2018 (Sagae)
  • LIN 177 Computational linguistics: Fall 2017 (Sagae), Spring 2018 (Sagae)
  • LIN 205 Computational models for linguistic analysis (graduate level): Spring 2018 (Sagae)

NLP Reading group

The Natural Language Processing reading group meets every two weeks to discuss current papers. The meetings are currently attended by members of several departments, and all are welcomed, from novice to expert.

To be added to the reading group mailing list and get announcements about upcoming meetings, please visit the UC Davis NLP google groups page.

Winter 2018:

  • Prof. Zhou Yu (Jan 29)


  • IWPT 2017: The 15th International Conferece on Parsing Technologies